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We’ve moved our little dive bar back to our sister site with the rest of the yeah write challenges. We’re still the best saloon on the web for fiction and poetry, we just have a new home and a few changes in the the way things work around here.

Our new home page is

Need to subscribe to the weekly mailer? If you were a subscriber to the speakeasy, that subscription will no longer lead you to yeah write, so you’ll have to click here if you want to know when the fiction|poetry challenge at yeah write is opening each week.

Besides our new address, we have a new word count limit: 500 words plus 100 words grace. Instead of a sentence and media prompt, we will share an optional prompt with the other challenges. Moderation will continue, and we’ll still open on Tuesday for submissions and vote on Thursday along with the nonfiction and microstories challenges.

Have you met our new co-editors?


natalie, fiction co-editor

You can email Natalie at


meg, fiction co-editor

You can email Meg at

Please also join the discussion of all the exciting changes on Facebook or Twitter or in our forums in the yeah write coffeehouse.

Stay tuned for our November writing contest! It kicks off Sunday, November 2 with a $200 cash prize for the winner chosen from all three challenges—fiction, nonfiction, microstories—and a $200 cash prize for the person who refers the ultimate winner.

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