the speakeasy at yeah write #164 is open

a poet

A poet has died. A woman of substance, grace, and — most importantly — language. A poet has died and the world took notice. A poet. Not a movie star, not an athlete, not a world leader. A poet.

Our prompt this week is a sliver of poetry from the unforgettable Maya Angelou. Her poems may not have been your cuppa, but we’re raising our glasses here at the speakeasy to celebrate the life and language of a poet. A kindred spirit who untangled the knots of the world through words. Who processed life strained through the sieve of writing. A writer whose storied career will fall in the annals of humanity with the voices of the greats who have come before her and influenced so many of us.

the numbers

If y’all gather 20 entries, we unlock the editor’s pick from her prison and set her free among your entries. If we amass 30 entries, we all get a scandalous extra vote, so let’s be scandalous. But if you are unlucky #41 to submit to our grid, you’ll hear the sad trumpet wah-wah as we only accept 40 entries. Got it?

perched prompts

Bird With Heart

“There is no warning rattle at the door.”

rules, written in red

  • Your post must be dated June 1, 2013, or later.
  • Submissions must be 750 words or fewer.
  • Submissions must be fiction or poetry.
  • You must include the following sentence as the FIRST line in your submission: “There is no warning rattle at the door.
  • You must also include a reference to the media prompt.
  • The speakeasy is for submissions written specifically for the grid. Please don’t submit an entry if you intend to showcase it to another blog link-up. Such posts are deleted with no warning rattle at the door.
  • Please don’t post long explanations before your post. We want your writing to be the star of the show. If you need to clarify anything, feel free to do so at the end.
  • The badge for your speakeasy #164 post is found in the sidebar. Add the code to the html/text view of your post before publishing.
  • And don’t forget to come back on Tuesday and add your link to the Inlinkz grid!

Remember to think outside the box when you write your piece. Exercise those fabulous writer’s muscles! Think about how others might use the prompts, then go in a different direction. If you need a little guidance, check out our Flash Fiction Guide.

the grid


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